Wednesday 25th May 2016

Seven vehicles met in Warburton at 9.00 am.  Two visitors to the club were welcomed.  We were soon on our way out of Warburton and quickly onto the tree lined tracks.  Our first stop was at a disused mine shaft.  Thoughtless litter in the old shaft was a good reminder of the need to ‘clean up the bush’.  The track soon became quite slippery as we climbed up the steep terrain.  Low range was needed through several spots.  The valleys were quite sodden and many deep puddles had to be navigated.  Morning tea was enjoyed at Britannia  Creek  Caves siding.


Inspecting the old Mineshaft

We then headed up Britannia Creek Road and Portas Road before turning onto Britannia Range Track.  The spoon drains were very steep and deep as we climbed up this section of the track.  We were advised to come down the steep slippery end of the track one by one by our fearless leader.  Next came one of our visitors who navigated the steep slippery track amazingly.  Then came one of our very experienced members who was heard to say on the radio, ‘This is not pleasant’.  ‘Plan B’ was then called for from the remaining 4 cars yet to attempt the very difficult descent.  So while 4 vehicles turned around and retraced their route, the front 3 vehicles continued to inch their way down 2 more slippery steep sections of the track.


Over a slippery spoon drain

 ‘Hitchhikers’, (sticks) were a frequent cause of people needing to stop.  Unfortunately one of these became well entangled in one of the under carriages of a car.  In the effort to extract it, a wire was dislodged and soon the ‘oil pressure’ light appeared on the dash!  Not a good look!  Having found the dangling wire, the driver decided to head for a garage and not continue the trip.


A muddy patch

Meanwhile the 6 remaining vehicles regrouped and headed to Starlings Gap for lunch.  Just shy of our destination, the road was closed due to logging trucks so a late lunch was enjoyed trackside.  After a long detour, stopping along the way to investigate an old logging winch, we reached the Starlings Gap Camping Area.


Checking the Old Winch

As the weather was starting to look threatening we kept to good gravel tracks and made our way back to Warburton, arriving just as the rain started to set in.  Our drive through the tall mountain ash trees and lush fern gullies was certainly more eventful than we anticipated.  Thanks to J.P.and Trish for leading the trip and responding brilliantly to the many challenges we faced along the way.


J-P & Trish  trip leaders

Bill & Everal 


Phil & Gill

Danny & Fay

Christine   Visitor

Roger   Visitor