Participants: Peter (leader), Roger and Nelli

It all started off with a wonderful sunny day, when the 2-car convoy left Peter’s house for the boring trip to Echuca.

Upon our arrival at Wills Beach, we found the campsite was empty except for one other person in a caravan so there were three of us there, which was great as there were three drop toilets so we didn’t have to share.

After putting up our tents and getting the camp ready we decided to go hawking around campsites for firewood that had been left after the weekenders had gone home. Well, we found enough lumps of red gum to last all the week.

The weather was very kind to us, and the sun shone most of the time. The river was quite cool so neither of us ventured in. It didn’t bother Nelli my little dog who was quite keen to go for a swim and she enjoyed bringing back a child’s thong which we kept throwing in for her.

Nothing much was done for the week except sitting in the sun relaxing. Neither of us felt like going out on day trips so that was about all we did for the week except for eating and sleeping. 

It was a great place to go camping and relaxing and the three of us really enjoyed it.

I cannot wait to go again. Hopefully next time a few other people will be interested and then we may have some day trips to participate in.

Text: Roger; photos: Peter.