Thursday 21st April 2023

Leaders: Phil and Gill

Participants: Colin A, David H, David H, J-P and Trish and Mark S

Stats for the day:

  • Distance Driven:   27.29km
  • Driving Time:  3h:24m (including breaks/briefing)
  • Average Speed:   8kph
  • Minimum Altitude:   22m
  • Maximum Altitude:   382m

The Group met at the McKenzie Reserve Car Park, Bell Street, Yarra Glen at 9:30am for morning tea and pre-trip briefing and purpose: Four members of the club are participants of the Club’s Trip Leader program in order to become leaders. To date all the aspirant leaders have completed many group trips and had recently completed theoretical training. The final part of the training program will be to lead a “mentored trip” under guidance of an approved trip leader.

Phil, Gill, J-P and Trish worked through many key points of the two relevant Offpeak documents – the “Trip Leader Guidelines” and the “Trip Leader Checklist” and shared many useful insights regarding trip leader responsibilities, radio etiquette, documentation and challenges.  The trip participants register, the tracks to be driven, convoy order, UHF radio channel were also resolved at this time.

Before setting off, the group participated in an inspection of all vehicles with particular attention to recovery points, recovery equipment, first aid kits, fire extinguishers, wheels and tyres.  Trip leading was to be performed on rotation. Personal details forms were also collected by the Trip Leader and Tail End Charlie in accordance with club policies.

The group left Yarra Glen travelling north on the Melba Highway (B300) until turning right (eastwards) on to Bedford Lane and on to Beachs Lane where we aired down for the tracks ahead.  We entered Pauls Range State Forrest and proceeded along Pauls Loop Track returning to Yarra Glen upon completion of the “loop”.  The track itself was in good condition and for the most part dry. A section of steeper grades (in low range for most of Pauls Loop) were muddy & slippery.  This gave the trip leader an opportunity to exercise caution calling the group through upon his successful ascent.  

The group returned to Yarra Glen after leaving the stateThe group returned to Yarra Glen after leaving the state forest and airing up at a suitable location for a trip debrief and completion of the trip formalities as per the checklist.

Many thanks to Phil & Gill and J-P & Trish for their guidance, insights and company on a stunning day in the countryside.

Toolangi Trip Leader Training Group Photo

Airing down in Beachs Lane

Toolangi Trip Leader Training Lunch
Lunch Stop at the “top” of Pauls Range Loop Track
Toolangi Trip Leader Training View
View from the Top of Pauls Range Loop Track towards the east.
Toolangi Trip Leader Training Route
Toolangi Trip Leader Training Route