Tallarook day trip started with everyone gathering for a scrumptious breakfast at a Cafe in Broadford.  Once all 10 vehicles had gathered and everyone eaten we set off for the forest.

The morning consisted of some steep ascents up Mt Hickey and by passing some very deep wet and slippery looking bog holes which we were sensibly able to sidestep. The morning also included a morning tea stop by some ruins beside a picturesque stream.

Melbourne's weather had been very kind to us with a beautiful sunny day and after earlier rain to settle the dust. After more bog holes we arrived at a lovely new picnic area beside Trawool Reservoir.  The granite dam wall was enjoyed by the engineers and the water by another member who couldn't resist a swim.

After lunch there were a few more bog holes to negotiate around and then some wonderful panoramic views of the Goulburn River Valley from the road and from several lookout spots.

The group dispersed after airing up and afternoon tea at Murchison Gap to take the different routes back to Melbourne.  It was wonderful relaxed day, ably led by Heather and Colin and a great opportunity to discover a radio problem for tail end Charlie who was swapped with another member so one everyone could hear!