Thursday 9th November 2017

Leader:  Graham

Participants: Wayne & Ruthi, Peter, Uwe, Mark & Felicity, J-P & Trish

High in the Strathbogie State Forest

We met outside the public amenities block in the main street of Yea at 10:00 am on a bright sunny day – 6 vehicles and 9 intrepid 4WDrs.

Graham led us up the highway – and no-one got lost – through Yarck with its quaint Yarck pies and onto Merton. The lovely green hills were just fabulous. About 35 km from Yea, we pulled into a rest area and aired down.

The day trip through the Strathbogie forest began in a cloud of dust. Graham emerged from his dust a couple of hundred metres down the road and then the rest of us could follow.

It was a very pretty drive to Cocker’s Sluice Hole at the Dry Creek Goldfields (listed on the Victorian Heritage Inventory). The environmental damage caused by sluicing was impressive.

Travelling one of the tracks

We took the Golden Mountain Track to the peak (1033m) and aptly named Golden View. Across the valley we viewed Tels Mountain (1021m) and the aerial on Mt Strathbogie (1031m). In the distance, we could easily identify Lake Eildon. It was a nice spot to have lunch and to enjoy the companionship of the group.

The Golden View with Lake Eildon visible centre-right

About 12:45 pm, we drove some steep and narrow tracks in low range 4WD down into the valley and up to the Mt Strathbogie summit. Allegedly, Uwe’s new Toyota Land Cruiser was in two wheel drive only.

At the summit of Mt Strathbogie

Around 2:15 pm, we turned onto Black Creek No 2 Track and the convoy stopped for a confab. The leader warned that the next section would be very steep and rocky. The alternative, less steep route was considered and rejected. The brave 4WDrs followed their courageous leader down, over spoon drains which prevented any sight of the track below, and through puddles for Uwe’s vehicle’s initiation. At the bottom, we followed Tallangalook Creek.


3:00 pm, we aired up and headed off to Bonnie Doon where the 104 km day trip finished at 3:30 pm. 

Six vehicles and 9 4WDrs returned safely and undamaged. A fine day was had by all, as well as some exciting low range four wheel driving. We were all very grateful for Graham’s leadership and the work he had undertaken to prepare for this trip.

Text:  Wayne,   Pics:  J-P