The Club base camped at Orbost, from where we undertook several trips.  The first one was a pleasant drive towards Bemm River.  First stop was Mt Raymond Lookout where there were good views over the Brodribb & Snowy River floodplain.  Then it was on to Cabbage Tree Creek and Cape Conran before heading to Yeerung Gorge. 

A friendly local at Cape Conran

The planned route was closed due to fuel reduction burns so we detoured.  Again the road was closed due to burning off.  Eventually we were allowed to proceed escorted by a vehicle with red and blue lights flashing so we finally made it to Bemm River.  The same procedure applied on the way back as vehicles drove past flames beside the track.

Through the flames

A second trip was to the Errinundra plateau.  The route was on the bitumen via Cabbage Tree and Combienbar to Hensley Creek Road where gravel roads and tracks began.  There was morning tea at Frosty Hollow.  An interesting drive through the forest led eventually to Mt Morris and lunch

Goonmirk Rocks

The view from Ocean View Lookout was Great all the way to Bass Straight and so were the views from Mt Jack helipad.

The third trip initially followed the Snowy River north with visits to Woods Point, Raymond Creek Falls and Jackson’s Crossing before heading for Waratah Flat.  Much of this area had been seriously affected by bushfires in early 2014 and infrastructure was still being rebuilt at Raymond Falls and Waratah Flat.

Raymond Creek Falls

Highlights were lunch at Jackson's Crossing on the Snowy and another the stunning green of the regrowth of tree-ferns against the stark black of burnt tree trunks near the Deddick Trail.

Jackson's crossing

Forest Regrowth near Deddick Trail

Our last trip set out to drive 90 kms east on the Princes Highway to begin the Wingan Mallacoota Scenic Drive.  East Wingan Track was closed and the shortcut to Stony Peak Road along Macmillan Track proved to be a challenging drive through scrub.

Shipwreck Creek beach

After lunch at Shipwreck Creek the group visited Mallacoota then headed back via Miners Track, using low range in the process.

Betka River

On reaching the Highway again there was a 90km drive back to Orbost